Welker disappears in second half

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- In deciding the best way to defend the Patriots, the Jets had to make a decision. Which receiver would cornerback Darrelle Revis cover: Wes Welker or Randy Moss?

The answer ended up being Moss, which was expected to turn the focus of the Patriots offense to Welker.

Yet that was not the case.

Sunday’s game began with an 11-yard reception by Welker. It turned out to be the longest play of Welker’s day.

Welker finished the first half with four catches for 33 yards, which included a play in which he absorbed a blow to the head from safety Eric Smith.

In the second half, when the Patriots were largely trying to scrape together a comeback with their passing attack, one of its scrappiest players, Welker, often was watching from the sideline. He added only two catches and five yards to his stat sheet in final two quarters.

"They did a good job changing things up, blitzing and doing some different things," Welker said. "It comes down to us getting open and making plays, and we didn't do that."