Heavy usage of multiple TEs in plan

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- A look at the positional groupings utilized by the Patriots in their 28-14 loss to the Jets:

2 WR/2 TE/1 RB -- 30 of 61

3 WR/1 TE/ 1 RB -- 20 of 61

1 WR/3 TE/1 RB -- 8 of 61

4 WR/1 TE -- 1 of 61

3 TE/1 FB/1 RB -- 1 of 61

1 WR/2 TE/1 FB/1 RB-- 1 of 61

ANALYSIS: The breakdown shows how the tight ends were a big part of the team's offensive plan, as 40 of the team's 61 snaps came with two or more tight ends on the field. The Patriots obviously like their matchup against the Jets' defense with multiple tight ends on the field, so they called on those packages and varied their formations within those packages. ... Randy Moss's dazzling 34-yard touchdown catch came out of the three-receiver set with the team in hurry-up mode late in the second quarter. ... The 4 WR/1 RB package had receiver Julian Edelman initially lining up as a single-set running back before motioning out of the backfield.