Jets' blitz wasn't a big factor

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- How the Patriots handled the Jets blitz was supposed to be one of the keys to Sunday's game.

It turned out to be a minor factor in the outcome.

According to ESPN Stats & Information tracking, the Patriots' biggest problems in the passing game were when the Jets came with the standard four rushers.

Brady was just 10 of 21 against the four-man rush. Both of his interceptions came against the four-man rush.

This was one of the adjustments that Jets coach Rex Ryan cited after the game, as he decided to play more coverage in the second half to protect the middle of the field.

The Patriots couldn't counter, which was a surprise given their success against the Bengals in the season opener.

Brady was 21 of 30 with three touchdowns against the Bengals' four-man rush, according to ESPN Stats & Information tracking.