Recapping Taylor's time at RB

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- One popular question on Twitter today -- from @WiliamWallis, @tedstud, @theKyleMoffatt and others -- is what happened to veteran running back Fred Taylor.

Taylor was on the field for just 12 snaps and had just five carries, while BenJarvus Green-Ellis played 16 snaps and had 10 carries.

Some wondered if Taylor, who was limited in Wednesday's practice with a toe injury, might have been hurt.

My opinion is that Taylor's low playing time total is more a result of the rotation the Patriots adopted, as well as what game situations dictated.

Taylor played on the team's first, third and fifth drives. Green-Ellis played on the second, sixth and eighth drives.

That seemed to reflect how the coaching staff was going with a series-by-series rotation with the two backs, with Kevin Faulk mixed in for the two-minute offense (fourth drive, at the end of the second quarter) and in other passing situations.

Had the game been closer, I think Taylor would have been on the field for the team's ninth drive. But since the Patriots were in the two-minute offense, his turn in the rotation was trumped by the game situation.