Building block for base defense

Unlike the season-opener, when the Patriots spent the final two-plus quarters in sub packages because the Bengals were forced into obvious passing situations, Sunday's loss to the Jets was more about the base defense.

A look at the defensive breakdown (includes penalties and 2-point conversion):

Base: 45 of 68

Sub: 22 of 68

Short-yardage: 1 of 68

In the season opener, the Patriots were in their base for just 17 plays. Against the Jets, that total was surpassed by the first play of the second half.

The base remains the 3-4 alignment and there were some positive signs for the Patriots in that area, specifically against the run.

The 3-4 was strong against the Jets' rushing attack, minus one breakdown -- a missed tackle by outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich on LaDainian Tomlinson's 31-yard third-quarter run.