WR Holt liked experience with Moss

Free-agent wide receiver Torry Holt was a guest this afternoon on the Jim Rome is Burning show on ESPN. The 11-year veteran was with the Patriots to begin training camp before being placed on injured reserve and reaching an injury settlement.

In the interview, Holt spoke highly of former Patriots teammate Randy Moss.

“He practices hard, he communicates with the quarterback. He challenges the receivers, the guys in his group every day. He knows that he’s the standard and he goes out there on the practice field and illustrates that,” Holt said. “It was really good to go in and have an opportunity to work with Randy for the limited time that I did. I really enjoyed it.

“I was able to learn something from him during my short stint there, and it was such a pleasure to see his focus and his intensity that he exudes every day on the football field. It was incredible.”

Holt also said that he isn't ruling out playing football again.

“Football is not out of my system yet. My knee feels good now that I am getting some rest. I am going to work about getting my health back first and foremost and then think about football.”