No souvenirs for Woodhead

AP Photo

Danny Woodhead celebrates after his first career NFL touchdown run.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It's not as if the end zone is an unfamiliar place for Danny Woodhead. During his college career, he became only the second player in history to reach the century mark by scoring 109 times at Division 2 Chadron State in his native Nebraska.

But it's been roughly three years since Woodhead reached pay dirt in a meaningful game and, moreover, you would think his first professional touchdown would make the ball a meaningful keepsake. Yet, asked after New England's 38-30 triumph over the Buffalo Bills Sunday where the ball from his 22-yard, second-quarter touchdown jaunt resided, Woodhead could only shrug his shoulders.

"I really didn't think about [the ball]," said Woodhead, signed by the Patriots in advance of a Week 2 meeting with the Jets, the team he started his NFL career with. "I was more excited about just trying to help this team out."

That's the unassuming Woodhead in a nutshell. He seemed almost embarrassed by the attention he garnered after rushing three times for 42 yards and the score, while helping New England's ground game total 200 yards rushing for the day.

"The linemen made great blocks; I did the easy part, which is just run it" Woodhead said when asked to describe the scoring run. "The linemen did great, and the receivers and the tight ends -- I mean, you can't ask for better blocking as a running back. All I did was try to do my job.

"More than anything, it was good to help the team out. I'm not so concerned with getting my touchdown or whatever. I'm more concerned with getting the victory. We got the victory, that's the most important thing."