Troy Brown: Moss move a 'win-win'

While the majority of callers to WEEI on Wednesday morning were upset about the Patriots trading Randy Moss to Minnesota, former New England great Troy Brown went on the Dale and Holley show and offered a different take: It's a "win-win for both parties."

Brown said it will force the Patriots to play the "methodical" type of football that helped them be so successful during their Super Bowl years, and it will make "all the players be accountable."

And for Moss, he said, it will be an opportunity to play with legendary gunslinger Brett Favre and have an immediate impact on a talented team.

Brown, who played for the Patriots from 1993 to 2007, pointed to the 2001-2005 seasons when Tom Brady had to look for the open receivers and "hit seven or eight guys" in a game. He said that type of offense makes everyone work harder, including the defense.

He thinks Brady may actually be better off without having Moss as an option and having to try to always go for the "big play" as opposed to consistently spreading the ball down the field.

Brown pointed out that the Patriots have the players this year to run that type of offense, citing the athleticism of rookies Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski and the talent of receivers Brandon Tate, Wes Welker and Julien Edelman.

With the roster the Patriots had last year, Brown said, coach Bill Belichick never would have made this move.

Brown acknowledged that Wednesday's news will be a distraction for Patriots players, but that it's helpful that this is a bye week for New England. He said

the Patriots "have about two weeks to get over it," and hopefully in the long run the distraction will be less than if a disgruntled Moss stayed in New England.