Viewpoint: Moss drops the ball

ESPNBoston.com columnist Jackie MacMullan writes on the Randy Moss trade and wonders what might have been had Moss not been so focused on a new contract.

"The man who could have -- more specifically, should have -- gone down as the greatest receiver in NFL history was presented with a golden opportunity in New England, but he became so focused on securing himself a new contract, he forgot about everything (and everyone) around him," MacMullan writes.

She considers what might have been had Moss finished his career in New England.

"Had Moss been able to corral his ego and try to buy into the team concept, he could have retired a Patriot. He could have capped off a tumultuous and often unseemly career with a possible Super Bowl ring, and an association with Brady that would forever link them as one of the best one-two punches of their era."