Welker 'surprised' by Moss trade

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – On Thursday after practice, Patriots receiver Wes Welker shared his reaction to the trade of Randy Moss.

“I think we were somewhat surprised,” Welker said. “Obviously, Randy is a great player and a great talent. In the end, Coach is going to do what’s best for the team. This is what he thought was best for the team and we fully support that.”

Welker touched on the deep presence Moss brought to the offense, and how the offense might change a bit in his absence. Welker also said he might now be in more of a leadership role among receivers.

“I’m the older guy in there, and just try to bring these guys along,” he said.

Asked about losing a presence like Moss in the locker room, Welker said, “I think Randy brought a lot to this team and did a lot of great things. He really brought this organization to a great standard. We hope to keep that standard around here.”

Welker was asked about reports that Moss had wanted out, asking to be traded.

“I think that was kind of the difficult thing, just because he was the guy giving the pep talks before games and halftime, and after the game,” Welker said. “Not knowing he wanted to be traded the whole time was a little bit disappointing. At the same time, he’s doing what’s best for him. It’s a business. You just have to roll with it.”

Asked a follow-up question if it was his understanding that Moss wanted out, Welker said: "I don't know. You'd have to ask Coach Belichick. I'm hearing the same rumors you all do. I'm not exactly positive."