Banta-Cain on Moss: 'We all love him'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Outside linebacker Tully Banta-Cain shared his reaction to the trade of Randy Moss.

“We understand the business. We understand his situation. He’s moving on, we move on,” Banta-Cain said.

“We all personally love him, love him to death. A business decision had to be made and we have no control. We just move on and go about our business.”

Asked if he has gained an understanding as to why the trade was made, Banta-Cain said he wasn’t in a place to speak on the topic.

“It’s between him and the organization,” he said. “I just come here to play football and do my job. Hopefully it all works out for him and works out for us.”

Asked his thoughts on the mood of the team, and if this shakes the foundation of the team, Banta-Cain expressed confidence.

“I think we’re confident with the guys that are here,” he said. “We have a big game coming up against Baltimore and it’s a good thing this happened now as opposed to leading into the week. We had a good day of practice today. We’ll just try to keep building on the confidence we have already.”