How much stock in Pats post-bye record?

When Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh looked ahead to Sunday's game against the New England Patriots, he mentioned the success the Patriots have had following their off weekend.

"Traditionally, they have done very well coming off the bye week," he said. "That's going to be something we've got to factor in."

Past success shouldn't be a big factor once the football is in the air Sunday, although Harbaugh is right about the Patriots' impressive post-bye record under Bill Belichick. The Patriots have won their last seven games following the bye, with four of those wins coming over the Bills. Only twice in Belichick's tenure have they lost following the off weekend -- in 2000 and 2002.

"They have a track record after the bye," Harbaugh said. "That's something we will be bucking up against, and we're looking forward to it."

The Patriots' post-bye results under Belichick:

2000: Bills 16, Patriots 13

2001: Patriots 38, Panthers 6

2002: Broncos 24, Patriots 16

2003: Patriots 12, Cowboys 0

2004: Patriots 31, Bills 17

2005: Patriots 21, Bills 16

2006: Patriots 28, Bills 6

2007: Patriots 56, Bills 10

2008: Patriots 30, 49ers 21

2009: Patriots 27, Dolphins 17