Getting a feel for Pats locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As quarterback Tom Brady packed his bag and left the locker room Monday afternoon, he looked to a large gathering of reporters and said, "Think it's going to be a quiet day, guys."

It was.

One day after the Patriots' 23-20 overtime victory over the Ravens, there were only a few players in the room.

In a break from the norm on Monday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick showed the team about 10 plays from the Ravens game in a full-team meeting before players broke down with their position coaches.

A few nuggets picked up:

1. Confidence is rising. The win over the Ravens has players feeling good about themselves and what they can do as a team if they play together. They have been feeding off critics who doubt them the last two weeks, and while the defense is young and sometimes falls victim to early-game jitters, they feel a mindset of "we can do this" is starting to develop.

2. Safety Brandon Meriweather decided not to address his helmet-to-helmet blow of tight end Todd Heap, walking through the room and telling one reporter he was wasting his time. Meriweather talked about the hit on his weekly radio appearance on WEEI.

3. The tactical change in the nickel package against the Ravens -- subbing out a defensive lineman for inside linebacker Dane Fletcher -- was viewed as a solid in-game adjustment that helped defenders overcome some early struggles. Fletcher's job was to spy running back Ray Rice out of the backfield, as Rice was the checkdown option. Coupled with some double-teaming of tight end Todd Heap, it sheds light on how the Patriots attempted to force Joe Flacco to look to his second or third option, or simply take the checkdown.

4. Rookie defensive lineman Kyle Love was awarded the "Dirty Show" championship belt by coach Pepper Johnson. The belt is awarded by Johnson, who oversees scout teams, to the player who had the best scout-team work.

5. Rookies were hurrying out of the locker room for a financial education meeting with assistant strength coach Harold Nash, who assists with the team's player development program.