Bruschi: Patriots 'had that sort of look'

This quote from ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi stood out to us as a great summation of the Patriots’ victory over the Ravens on Sunday: Defense made big stops to give them a chance, and the offense converted its opportunities late.

“The Baltimore game woke me up a little bit in terms of, they had that sort of look,” Bruschi said in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. “What I felt watching the game and how they fought toward the end, that’s the way games are won and the way they’re going to be won down the stretch. You have a defense that keeps it close and although they struggled at the beginning of the game, toward the end they made the plays to keep it close and give the offense an opportunity to win the game. And when you have Tom Brady back there with an opportunity to win, your chances are great.

“I like the way they are developing offensively. Randy [Moss] was a great player. I loved Randy as a teammate but I think [the Patriots are] more exciting without him.”