Tedy's advice on Moss: 'Get back'

In this week’s Patriots podcast, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi offered some advice for Patriots defensive backs trying to cover Randy Moss on Sunday at Gillette Stadium (listen here, at about the 23-minute mark).

“Not only is a high-powered offense coming in here, you’ve got a player coming back that’s going to want to play well and that’s Randy Moss. He’s gonna want to catch a touchdown, he’s gonna want Brett [Favre] to throw up the ball.

“If I had one piece of advice for this entire defense, or more particularly the defensive backs and safeties, two words: Get back. We put it a little bit more sternly in defensive team meetings. When you see him come off the ball and it looks like he’s starting to build, run. Get back, because he’s going deep. And when he does, that ball is going to be up there.

“With Randy, you can tell when the ball is snapped what kind of play it’s going to be. If it’s run, he’s going to jog off the line of scrimmage and try to position his block. If it’s a shallow crossing route, he’ll run shallow, but when it’s deep he builds. His strides lengthen, his arms start pumping, he has that body lean. You read that, you get back because the deep ball is coming.”