Media building up Moss's return

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Former Patriots receiver Randy Moss was a hot topic of discussion in the locker room today, as reporters asked players what it would be like to face their former teammate.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of hype around it, just because he was in this locker room just a few weeks ago,” said cornerback Kyle Arrington, who figures to be lining up across from Moss at times. “We all love Randy to death. A lot of us wish he was still here, but we understand the business side of it and it was his decision to make.”

Arrington expects that Patriots players will exchange greetings with Moss before the game, but said, “in between those 60 minutes it’s all business.”

Outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich said Moss naturally will draw the attention of defenders.

“Randy, gotta respect Randy, he’s a great wide receiver,” he said. “Any time there’s a guy like that on the field you gotta be aware of him.”

Added tight end Alge Crumpler. “I think we have to do what we do well, and stop focusing on what other teams do, and just worry about us. Everybody in the league knows Randy is going to go deep, but you can’t stop him. If they have a tip on us, fine, we just got to execute and do the things that we do well.”