Bruschi: 'You don't do this to Randy Moss'

Why Did The Vikings Decide To Waive Randy Moss? (2:31)

Tedy Bruschi and Trent Dilfer discuss the Vikings deciding to release Randy Moss (2:31)

In the video above, ESPN analyst -- and former Randy Moss teammate -- shared his thoughts on the Vikings plans to waive Randy Moss, as coach Brad Childress told players that Moss was no longer with the team. Here is Tedy’s take:

“I’m baffled. I don’t understand why. You heard Adam [Schefter] talk about how they were disappointed maybe by how he was playing and also his postgame press conference [after the loss to the Patriots on Sunday]. He gave a lot of love to New England in that press conference and let me tell you why.

“He spent three-plus years with coach Belichick and then he spent three-plus weeks with Brad Childress. He sees the difference. He saw the difference between Belichick and the Patriot way of doing things and then he saw the Vikings and Childress’ way off doing things. That’s what he did not like.

“The way that it’s being done right now is what I’m upset abut. You don’t do this to Randy Moss. This is one of the best receivers ever to play football. You don’t just release him on a whim like this, after some postgame press conference and one bad performance. Look at the way New England released him. They traded him, got a third-round pick. Bill Belichick called an unscheduled press conference, which is something he never does, to praise Randy Moss, called him a Hall of Fame player and thank him for all of the service that he gave.

“If Brad Childress is using this as a statement to make to his team about the right way of doing things, he lost his opportunity. That opportunity was last week when Brett Favre made the whole week about himself. He should have benched Brett Favre and played Tarvaris Jackson. That was his chance. If he’s trying to send a message, this is the wrong way to do it.”