Patriots podcast: Mesko & Morris

In this week's "Under the Helmet" podcast, rookie punter Zoltan Mesko shares his fascinating life story and veteran running back Sammy Morris stops by before running out to see his son's football game.

Mesko grew up in Romania and moved to the United States when his father won a green-card lottery.

"I felt very fortunate to have that background and to have won a lottery to actually get here," Mesko says. "To get up to this level has been kind a lottery -- being at the right place at the right time. My parents packed up everything -- left family and their home -- into six bags and came to the U.S."

Mesko and his family lived through some scary moments and he details one from Christmas Eve. When the family first came to the U.S., they settled in Queens before moving to Cleveland.

So this weekend's game has some added meaning to Mesko.

"It's crazy that I grew up cheering for the Browns, and am going to play against my childhood team," he says.

As for Morris, he was smiling on Friday because he was on his way to seeing his son Sammy play a football game.

"Those are always fun. I hate missing those and I'm always glad when I have a chance to go," he says, before detailing how the Patriots' running backs gather every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. for a special meeting that he leads.