Sources: Patriots were interested in Moss

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter writes this morning in his blog that according to NFL sources, Randy Moss was in play for the Patriots.

If Randy Moss hadn't been claimed by the Tennessee Titans, there's every chance he would have returned to the New England Patriots.

Here's how: Had he gone unclaimed, Moss then would have been free to sign with any team he wanted. There's no team he would have wanted to be with any more than the Patriots. The Patriots were interested in talking to Moss about re-signing with New England if he cleared waivers, NFL sources confirmed this weekend.

But the biggest reason the Patriots didn't put in a waiver claim on Moss was because they didn't have to. New England had the league's final waiver claim, No. 32. If Moss cleared waivers with the 31 teams in front of the Patriots, and New England declined to claim him, then Minnesota would have been obligated to pay its former wide receiver the balance of the $3.38 million due him.

New England then could have signed its former wide receiver for the veteran minimum or whatever price it deemed fair -- which Moss would have collected on top of what Minnesota owed him.

So in that case, both the Patriots and Moss would have made out well. Had Tennessee not put in its waiver claim on Moss, there's every reason to believe it would have happened and Moss might well have finished this season as a Patriot.

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