Brady: We have a lot of work to do

During his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI on Monday morning, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said his team’s poor play Sunday in a 34-14 drubbing wasn’t a result of taking the underdog Cleveland Browns lightly but rather just being flat outperformed in every phase of the game.

“I feel like we’re a much better team than the way we played yesterday, but we’ve got to go out there and prove it on a week to week basis,” Brady said. “... I’d love to think that you could have 22 minutes time of possession, lose the turnover battle and think you can go out there and win but you can’t. You can’t play poorly and expect to win and we played poorly yesterday.”

Brady thought that if the team had played as poorly as it did Sunday every week, the Patriots would be 0-8 instead of 6-2.

"We were prepared. We were forewarned 50 times last week,” Brady said. “We've got to take the coaching a lot better and get back to playing the way we need to play. If we don’t, then that’s the outcome. ... We don’t suck. If we play like we played yesterday we suck, but we know we’re capable of playing better than that.”

Brady also doesn’t think the Patriots, who undoubtedly played their worst game of the season Sunday, have not played a great “60-minute” game this season.

“We’re 6-2. We’re at the midpoint of the season and we know that we still haven’t played a great 60-minute game yet,” Brady said. “I look forward to us when we do that, to see what kind of team we can put together. We can’t keep sputtering in quarters or halves or in this case the whole game.”

Brady said he has already started watching film on the team’s next opponent, the 5-2 Pittsburgh Steelers, who face the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football tonight.

“We’ve got to go back to work this week,” Brady said. “We have an equally challenging game, if not more challenging, in going up against the Steelers, who are a damn good football team. We’ve got to focus on ourselves and what it takes for us to get better, because we certainly need to get better and play better than we played this weekend. Play more like the team that we have been playing like this year, which is tough, smart and physical. I wouldn't say we played tough, smart or physical yesterday. Those are our strengths, and we didn't play to those."