Video: Mike Reiss' P.A.T.

Reiss' P.A.T. (1:56)

Mike Reiss talks Patriots post-Randy Moss, Shayne Graham's impact and whether they can bounce back vs. Pittsburgh. (1:56)

In this week's P.A.T., Mike Reiss addresses a few of the hottest topics surrounding the Patriots as they prepare to face the Steelers on Sunday night. Among the talking points:

* Do the Patriots miss Randy Moss? "Of course they miss Randy Moss," says Reiss, adding that the receivers face a much bigger challenge now.

* Shayne Graham replacing Stephen Gostkowski: "Obviously it's not ideal," Reiss acknowledges, but adds that Graham is decent and has NFL experience. Plus, "it's the best the Patriots can do" right now, he says.

* Mailbag questions:

1. Why was Brady so inaccurate against the Browns?

2. Will we see a carryover from the Patriots' loss to the Browns

Reiss says that the Browns' disguised schemes got into Brady's head and made him think too much, but that fans shouldn't expect the bad performance to carry over to Pittsburgh.