Mankins: No messing with Brady

PITTSBURGH -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dropped back to pass 43 times in Sunday's 39-26 win over the Steelers and he wasn't sacked once. In-game statisticians recorded three quarterback hits on Brady, meaning his jersey was kept relatively clean against a Steelers defense known for its pressure-based style.

But Patriots left guard Logan Mankins didn't like the way he felt the Steelers took liberties with Brady when they did get close, or in a pile at the end of a quarterback sneak, and let his feelings be known after the game. He specifically called out long-haired Pittsburgh defensive back Troy Palomalu.

"We don't care how long your hair is, we're not going to let you do what you want to our quarterback," Mankins said in the team's victorious locker room.

Added left tackle Matt Light, "There was a lot of extra sugar being tossed out around there, late in these plays. The guy would be down on the ground and you'd see unnecessary stuff happening, like they're torquing his head or doing something when a guy has already been down and the play is clearly over. Those are the kind of things that get you fired up."