In lieu of podcast, Tedy talks to fans

Unfortunately, this week’s Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi was KO’d by technical difficulties. The next scheduled podcast with Tedy will be next week.

As part of this week's planned podcast, Tedy answered questions from fans (via Twitter) and here they are in writing:

@FortressReis asked: Did the offensive line do anything special to be so dominant against the Steelers, or was it just one of those days?

Tedy: What you have to have when going up against the Steelers defense is that you have to stand up to them, because they are going to be that bully you went to school with back in the day. They’re going to push you. The answer to the question is “Are you going to push them back?” Not only did the Patriots push back, they pushed first. I think the big reason is that Logan Mankins is back. He’s their enforcer and he protects players like Wes Welker and Tom Brady. If he sees someone doing something, he’s going to take action. Having him back sets the tone for the entire offensive line.

@BrookeB_10 asked: Can this Patriots team, if it plays like it did Sunday, go deep in the playoffs?

Tedy: They absolutely can, but the big question is whether they can play like that on a consistent basis. Really, there are only a couple of more questions that I have about this Patriots team. One is can they play consistently good football? The other, assuming they keep pace and make the playoffs, is can they do it in the postseason?

@patriotbomber asked: How did Brandon Deaderick and Ron Brace look to you at end, and are they there to stay?

Tedy: They’re looking much more fundamentally sound and doing a great job of keeping themselves square on the blockers, and using their hands. They’re also getting stronger. The longer they are there, the more time they spend with Mike Woicik, the strength and conditioning coach of the Patriots. Mike Woicik gets young up-and-coming defensive linemen stronger and stronger year after year. There is a reason that Vince Wilfork is so strong now, and why Ty Warren became so strong, and Richard Seymour. It’s because of the work that Mike Woicik did, so yes, I think they are good and I think they are here to stay. Hearing about the work they are putting in at the stadium – going in Tuesday on their day off watching film – that’s a great sign for young players.

@SkinlessJSN asked: Was the Browns game enough of a wake-up call to last the season for the Patriots, or will the Steelers’ win put the Patriots back to sleep?

Tedy: It was a big enough wake-up call for one week, but I think that question is only going to answered this week vs. the Colts. In the NFL, it’s really "What are you going to get on Sunday." Even though you have a whole week to relish a big victory and you feel good about yourselves and have a good practice, it’s all about what you do on Sunday, and can they consistently do it? I don’t want to answer just yet, because there are a lot of inexperienced kids who are getting on-the-job training, so we’re just going to have to wait and see on this one.

@saanyabal asked: Safety Patrick Chung was coming to the defense of his teammates in Pittsburgh and played a solid game. Is he emerging as the guy?

Tedy: I think he is going to be the new heart of the defense. I really like what I see in him. He reminds me of a young Lawyer Milloy – a little bit more athletic. He’s a very hard worker who wants to be great, and that is important when you have that in a young player who has the abilities and instincts he has. When you really want to know what type of athlete you have as a player, put him on special teams and see what he can do. You saw what he could do in the Miami game with the two blocked kicks and do things at all different levels of the field.