Bruschi chats Pats, NFL on 'The Herd'

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi was a guest on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd today on ESPN Radio, and he touched on the Patriots and topics around the NFL (listen here):

Patriots bouncing back. “They’ve really had to buy into Bill’s ways and I think they’ve had to learn a little bit. I think that thrashing in Cleveland could have been the best thing that ever happened. They started to get a little bit full of themselves.”

Michael Vick as an MVP candidate. “I think he’s in the conversation, but I think he’s in the lower tier of the conversation. I especially look at Philip Rivers and how he’s been able to hold that [Chargers] team together.”

Donovan McNabb and his long-term future in Washington. “If you are an older player, you have to be able to change your ways. There have been plenty of veterans, when I was with New England, who came in and changed the way they did things because it was the way it was supposed to be. Can Donovan McNabb do that? I think the whole tension there is that he hasn’t been able to change. I think he's going to have to change to see that contract all the way out."

Top 3 teams in the league. “1. New England Patriots; 2. New York Jets; 3. Atlanta Falcons.”