Video: Predictions from Bruschi, Schlereth

In the NFL Live video above, Tedy Bruschi and Mark Schlereth give their predictions for Sunday’s Patriots-Colts clash at Gillette Stadium. As host Trey Wingo points out, this will be the teams’ 11th meeting since 2002, including playoffs. The previous 10 have been spit 5-5 and the last 5 games have each been decided by a touchdown or less. Here are the picks:

Mark Schlereth: Patriots (Bruschi’s reaction: “That’s right Stink!”)

“[The Patriots are] still a spread offense that doesn’t have a power identity as far as running the ball, but they are running it just well enough to keep that passing game going and they’re healthy at the wide receiver position, they’re getting in synch with their quarterback. Love the leadership on the sideline of Tom Brady, getting after that offense, saying ‘Guys, we’ve got to be perfect against these Steelers.’ I like what they’ve got going on right now. The Indianapolis Colts have so many injuries on the offensive side of the ball.”

Tedy Bruschi: Patriots

“What [the Patriots’ defense] needed to be successful this year was development from some of those younger players, and there’s one in particular: Patrick Chung. He’s showing up all over the field, on special teams, on defense, in run support, in pass coverage. Reminds me of a young Lawyer Milloy. I know that’s a lot to live up to but Chung has that ability. He’s one of those new leaders to watch for on this defense."