Cleaning out the Patriots notebook

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Picked-up pieces from the Patriots' locker room during today's media-access period:

1. Patriots defenders said one part of the Jets' offense that is a bit different from when they were preparing for them in Week 2 is LaDainian Tomlinson and the screen game. The Jets are running more screens to Tomlinson, who leads the team with 45 receptions, than they were early in the year.

2. Cornerback Kyle Arrington on if the Patriots' defense can continue to rank low in key statistical categories and still win: "I guess so far we've had a bend-but-don't-break mentality. We've given up some stuff, but we've also made a lot of plays -- turnovers and things like that. We've made plays when we needed to and it has [worked] so far. We are 9-2, but we're not satisfied. It's not like we're not working at it."

3. Veteran tight end Alge Crumpler wasn't interested in expounding on the topic of trash talk. When asked if Bill Belichick has given players specific instructions to avoid bulletin-board material, Crumpler interrupted the reporter's follow-up question. "We've been told to play football," he fired back. "That's all I'm worried about. I'm just going to play. I'm not worried about what's being said."

4. The words "60 minutes" cropped up in most interviews with players. They pointed to the Jets' recent comeback wins as an example of how they are a resilient team and that it will require a 60-minute effort to beat them. "We're still, as a team, looking forward to playing 60 minutes of football," Crumpler said, in reference to the thought that the Patriots have yet to play a complete game in all three phases of the game -- offense, defense and special teams.