Woodhead deflects the spotlight

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Patriots running back Danny Woodhead doesn’t want to be in the media spotlight as the Patriots prepare to face the Jets on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football”, but he seemed to realize it was inevitable.

The former Jets running back has become a key contributor in New England and now he’s facing his old team for the first time.

"Stuff like that happens," Woodhead said, when asked Tuesday if he was surprised when the Jets released him. "It's a business and that's what happens in the NFL. I'm long gone from that. It's not something I worry about, or look at in the past, because you can't. I'm here and I'm happy and that's all that matters."

That’s how Woodhead answered most of the questions directed at him Tuesday, shifting the focus away from the past to what he was hoping to accomplish today.

Woodhead deflected questions on the differences between coaches Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick, if the Patriots’ offense is a better fit for him than the Jets’ attack, and if he could have imagined his role would be as big as it in New England.

Woodhead smiled when a New York reporter told him that Ryan and other players say they root for Woodhead to do well, except for when he's playing the Jets.

“I didn’t know that, because I’m not too worried about the media and what’s going on in the media,” he said. “If they said good things, great, but it’s not something I’m looking into.”