Bruschi's thought on retiring numbers

One of the questions that has been asked about "Tedy Bruschi Night" on Monday is whether the Patriots are planning to retire Bruschi's No. 54.

Bruschi shared his thoughts on that, as well as what his emotions might be like at halftime, in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.

"I wouldn't mind seeing another linebacker wear 54, and see him perform well," Bruschi said. "I know there are a lot of Patriot numbers that are retired, but I think it would be nice to see all the numbers unretired. In football, you have a lot of players and there aren't a lot of numbers to use, so I think unretiring the numbers and adding some nostalgia to the stadium with a Ring of Honor -- with names and numbers and years they played -- would be something great."