Video: How will the Jets use Revis?

In the AFC East Huddle video clip above, ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton gives his hunch on how the Jets will utilize cornerback Darrell Revis against the Patriots on Monday night.

“The big thing to watch for in the game between New England and the Jets is how different the Patriots offense is and how the Jets are gong to cover it,” Clayton says. “I anticipate some surprises because what you can see is Darrelle Revis is going to match up against the best receiver. I think what you are going to see is he’s going to try to come inside, try to take Wes Welker away, and occasionally come over and try to take Aaron Hernandez away.

“It was a lot easier before because what he could do was focus on Randy Moss, take him out of the equation, and then all the other defensive backs deal with everybody else and then see if the Patriots could mount a running game.

“But now I think it’s going to be a little bit more select strategy as far as what Rex Ryan will do with Revis. Revis is a hired gun. He’ll shut down whoever he can shut down, but that’s something they have to decide. Do you take away Welker? Hernandez? You may have to take a way multiple guys. That’s going to be a tough decision.”