'Surprised' Revis preps for Moss-less Pats

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – For the last three-plus seasons, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has prepared to face the Patriots by studying receiver Randy Moss.

This time around it’s obviously different.

“That kind of surprised me,” Revis said Thursday of the Patriots’ trading Moss. “I never thought they would do that with the type of caliber player Randy is, and what he brings to the offense.”

Revis said it’s obviously a different situation facing the Patriots without Moss. When he watches Deion Branch, he sees a receiver who is familiar with the Patriots’ scheme and who has Super Bowl experience.

“The receiving corps is still good, they still have Wes [Welker] and Deion has fit right in," he said. "And they have [Brandon] Tate as well, and also two good tight ends that can catch the ball."

As for who he will cover, Revis joked it would be quarterback Tom Brady.

Does he believe Brady is a slouch, which is what he called Terrell Owens and Moss?

“No,” Revis responded. “That’s only for receivers.”