Video: Woodhead on MNF postgame set

Danny Woodhead On Patriots' Win (0:00)

Patriots improve to 10-2 with win over Jets (0:00)

Patriots running back Danny Woodhead was on the Monday Night Football postgame set and talked for more than four minutes about his team’s blowout victory over the Jets and what makes this team special.

“The whole team, all 61 guys, everyone was welcoming [when I joined the team in Week 2]. The coaches were welcoming, the front office [too],” Woodhead explained. “We’re in this thing together. They were there to help me out when I needed it when I had questions. Whether it be the running backs, the coaches. I could ask a question to anyone.

“I think that was the thing that helped me out is everyone is in this together. Right from the beginning it was like I was on the team forever.”

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