Patriots quick to turn the page to Bears

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- How much did Patriots head coach Bill Belichick want players to turn the page after their big win over the Jets on Monday night? So much that he did not even show the team film from the game, opting instead to begin preparations for the Bears.

“I haven’t even looked at the film. We’re moving right on to the Bears,” cornerback Darius Butler said. “Obviously they’re a good team, and so we have a lot to do to prepare for those guys.”

“We’re with the Bears now, that’s the most important thing,” running back Danny Woodhead said. “You’re a little behind when you have a Monday night game, so we have to use every single day that we have and make sure that we’re ready.”

Woodhead, who on Monday night became the first Patriots running back to gain more than 100 yards receiving since Kevin Faulk did so in 2003, wasn’t even willing to discuss the 45-3 win.

“That’s not even anything we’re talking about,” Woodhead said. “That’s the past. There’s a big game this weekend and we have to start getting ready.”

The Bears come into the game at 9-3, locked in a tight NFC North race with the Packers.

“We have to hit the ground running right now,” Woodhead said. “Preparation is key."