Danny Woodhead: NFL won't change me

Patriots running back Danny Woodhead has emerged as one of the Patriots' more popular players and Peter Richmond writes about Woodhead for SI.com in a piece titled "Pats' Woodhead is just like us, and that's why we root for him."

Richmond speaks with Woodhead and his parents, Annette and Mark.

"He's who he is, and who he was three years ago. He's a little boy playing a game he loves," Annette says. "I think that's why people have fallen in love with him: he's real. I think he has a good head on his shoulders. His dad's his hero. He loved growing up with a dad who's a teacher. He loves that his dad loves what he does, which is loving the classroom, and loving his kids."

Woodhead grew up in North Platte, Nebraska.

Writes Richmond, "As a senior at North Platte High, where Woodhead would set every record the state could come up with, Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado invited him to their camps. But the Big Boys lay too far away, and scholarship money was a pipe dream. Nebraska? Sorry, kid: You can walk on ... as a kick returner. Truth is, despite your speed, despite your size, despite these insane numbers, you're too small."