Video: Hammerin' Hank's pick

In the video above, Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg makes his pick for Sunday’s Patriots-Bears game:

“I think Chicago has a little bit of an edge here for a couple of reasons. That Jets game was a division win for New England and they played basically a perfect game. I don’t like teams coming off a perfect game going in against a non-division opponent, for that matter a non-conference opponent, the next week, and particularly with little time to prepare. Chicago has a good defense, they’re quick, and they might surprise New England, who could have a little bit of a letdown coming off the game they played last week. ...

“This game figures to go down to the wire. New England is a three-point favorite. Against NFC competition since 2005, New England is 12-10 against the spread. This will be a nail-biter down the wire. I’m going to take Chicago, at home, with the points.