Brady 'almost laughing' at Branch TD

Recalling the play that for all intents and purposes put the nail in the Bears’ coffin on Sunday, Tom Brady said Monday morning he “was almost laughing” at how his 59-yard touchdown pass to Deion Branch as time expired in the first half unfolded.

The score that put New England up 33-0 heading into the locker room very nearly never happened. As Branch explained it after the game, the sideline was calling for Brady to take a knee and let the clock run out. The quarterback had other ideas.

“We didn’t have much to lose, the clock was running out. I kind of saw the coverage,” Brady explained during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI on Monday morning. “It’s tough for the safeties to move in those [snowy] conditions.

“We kept talking before the game that if we had an opportunity and they were in a cover 2 look, we wanted to try to get [Rob Gronkowski] up the seam and the outside receiver up the sideline.

“I looked at the safety and he was backing straight up, he wasn’t wide at all. I kind of looked at him and gave him a little pump to hold him and to hold the corner a little bit, and Deion raced by him. I threw it out there and Deion made a hell of a catch and run.

“I was almost laughing, I couldn’t believe it. It was a very exciting play. I don’t think those happen very often, so when you get them you have to be very thankful.”

On the afternoon, Branch had 8 catches for a career-high 151 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Brady was asked by WEEI about ESPN analyst Cris Carter’s recent criticism of Branch that he was “just a guy” who “disappears too much against regular corners.”

“I’m so glad Deion’s on our team, let me say that,” Brady said. “Deion has been a Super Bowl MVP. Deion has showed up in every game he’s ever played in. He shows up at practice every day. Anyone who ever watches us play knows the kind of asset that he is to our team, that he was when he first got here and he is now.”