Opinion: Sorry attempt by Jets coach


That was the first word that came to mind when reading remarks made by Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff to Chicago sports radio station ESPN 1000's Waddle and Silvy Show. Westhoff accused the Patriots of building the same type of wall that the Jets did when strength coach Sal Alosi inexplicably stuck his knee out to trip Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll on Sunday.

Is this elementary school? Seriously?

The bottom line is that players and coaches have a specific area that they are allowed to stand along the sideline during a game, and that area is clearly marked. It is the officials' job to manage the sideline and make sure players and coaches remain in that area.

That's why Westhoff's attempts to drag the Patriots into the Jets' mess -- which is more about Alosi's trip and less about any type of wall -- is weak. Westhoff is a terrific coach, someone whose schemes are annually lauded by those who play against them, but he does himself no favors here.

Meanwhile, look for the NFL -- as it often does in knee-jerk fashion -- to make this a new "point of emphasis" in the ensuing weeks. Perhaps they'll call it the "Jet Rule."

That would be fitting because the Jets are the only team that should be part of this discussion.