Snaps: Woodhead as lead back

A look at the snaps played by Patriots' offensive skill-position players in Sunday night's 31-27 win over the Packers (as charted in the press box):

WR Wes Welker -- 41 of 44

WR Deion Branch -- 38 of 44

TE Rob Gronkowski -- 35 of 44

RB Danny Woodhead -- 28 of 44

WR Brandon Tate -- 20 of 44

TE Alge Crumpler -- 17 of 44

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis -- 16 of 44

TE Aaron Hernandez -- 16 of 44

WR Julian Edelman -- 5 of 44

FB Sammy Morris -- 3 of 44

FB Dan Connolly -- 1 of 44

(Includes offensive holding penalty on Alge Crumpler, but does not include false start penalty.)

ANALYSIS: Although known more as the third-down back, this was a game in which Danny Woodhead received the most snaps among running backs. That could have been tied to the Packers' blitzing schemes and how Woodhead may be viewed as a stronger pass-blocker. Of the 18 second-half snaps, Woodhead took 12 of them. ... The depth chart remains the same at receiver, with Wes Welker topping the charts, followed bv Deion Branch as the No. 2 option. Brandon Tate is the clear-cut third option, while Julian Edelman is sprinkled in as a fourth possibility at times. ... Rob Gronkowski remains the top playtime time tight end, while Aaron Hernandez had solid production-per-playtime numbers as he was on the field 16 snaps and finished with four receptions and two touchdowns, in addition to a 16-yard rush. ... The 44 snaps were a season low as the Patriots had the ball for just 19 minutes, 12 seconds in the game. ... Dan Connolly played one snap as a power fullback at the goal-line after his 71-yard kickoff return in the second quarter and that was his last play. It looked like he might have made helmet to helmet contact while falling into the line.