Acknowledging error with Wilfork

I made a mistake after Sunday night's game.

After each game, I list three players/units whose performance is "up" and three players/units whose performance is "down" and defensive lineman Vince Wilfork was placed in the down category, mainly because of two penalties -- an offsides that helped extend a second-quarter touchdown drive and a 15-yard facemask in the third quarter.

But I put too much weight on those penalties and overlooked the rest of Wilfork's work, which after reviewing the game was excellent. Sometimes those mistakes happen when making an instant analysis -- which is why it's often better to wait before making such snap judgments -- and readers rightly held me accountable.

I watched the game over again and feel like I did a disservice to Wilfork. If anything, he should have been an "up".

As for the one opinion that probably matters most to Wilfork, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said this today: "I thought Vince did a terrific job for us last night. He was out there for a lot of plays. I thought he played hard. He really had an outstanding game. They had a lot of attention directed at him, which is understandable. They had a bunch of double-teams and slides on the protection coming his way, and those type of things. He really played hard and played well and did a lot of things to help us win. I thought it was outstanding, probably one of the best games he's played. And he's played a lot of good ones."