Brady: Team's good attitude has been key

Snowbound with his team in Rochester, N.Y., Tom Brady still sounded upbeat during his weekly appearance on WEEI on Monday morning, praising his teammates after the Patriots' 34-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills and looking forward to the playoffs.

Here's some of what he talked about:

On whether, at the start of the season, he ever expected this Patriots team to finish as AFC Easts champs:

"I don't think anyone realized how it would go ... [but] the way the team worked in mini camp and training camp, I thought we'd be a good team."

He acknowledged that the team underwent a major transition during the season, pointing to the addition of Danny Woodhead and Deion Branch, the return of Logan Mankins and the loss of Randy Moss, and said "key pieces of the puzzle" fell into place.

He emphasized that the attitude of the players has much to do with the team's success. "No one's bitching or complaining about the things coach [Bill Belichick] asks us to do," he said.

On Logan Mankins and his importance to the team:

"He's all business ... he's all about the team, he's all about the team's success," said Brady, adding that "what you see on the sidelines is what you get" with Mankins.

"He's a hell of a teammate ... a huge asset to this offense."

On the transition the team faced after the trade of Randy Moss and the arrival of Deion Branch:

"Everyone has different sets of skills," he said, explaining that Branch couldn't be expected to do the things Moss did, and vice versa.

"Our offense caters to the strength of our players," he said, adding that it continues to evolve.

On the effectiveness of the Patriots' running game:

"We've been very efficient," he said, adding that an effective running game is the key to their successful two tight-end and play-action offense.

"With Danny [Woodhead] and Benny [BenJarvus Green-Ellis], it takes so much pressure off the passing game," he said.

"It's carried us all season long."