Video: An opportunity to rest Brady

In the NFL Live video above, Trey Wingo, Tim Hasselbeck and Tedy Bruschi talk about whether the Patriots should rest players in their meaningless Week 17 game against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Speaking from experience having been in this situation before, Bruschi said he thinks Belichick will play most of his starters. The one exception he would make? Tom Brady.

“Tom Brady has missed the past handful of Wednesdays because of a foot injury. How serious is that foot injury? Does he need a little more rest? If he does, I wouldn’t play him a snap in this game,” Bruschi says.

Hasselbeck agreed with Bruschi on Brady and thinks the rest of the starters should play. With such a young team, argue both Hasselbeck and Bruschi, the experience would be more important than the rest.

Hasselbeck also sees this as an opportunity to showcase backup quarterback Brian Hoyer for a potential trade down the line.