Running back tandem reflects

The Patriots’ top two running backs stepped to the podium Wednesday in Foxborough for separate news conferences, and each was asked about the other as part of the interview.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead have a lot in common: Both were undrafted and both entered this season with little expected from them.

Here is a sampling from the Q&A for each:


Q. Can you talk about Danny Woodhead and the way you guys complement each other?

A. “Me and Danny, like I said, we both work extremely hard at practice. Our lockers are both next to each other and we spend a lot of time together. We have some days where we’re here 12 hours out of a day. I see the guys up here more than I see my own family, so we have to develop a good relationship.”

Q. Why do you think you and Danny work so well together?

A. “’I'm not sure. I guess it’s just a good complement. We just try to do our best. I don’t know how well it works or how well it doesn’t work. The only thing I know that we do is we just try to go out there and work hard and whatever plays are called, just run them to the best of our ability and let everything else take care of itself.”


Q. Why do you think that you and BenJarvus Green-Ellis complement each other so well?

A. “I don’t know; do we complement each other well? I’m not one to judge. More than anything, I think Benny and I just go out and work as hard as we can every single day, out in practice [or] whether it be in the meeting rooms. And we try to do what we can for when our time comes -- maybe to get the ball or block or whatever it may be to help out the rest of our teammates.”

Q. Have you guys become close given how much time you spend together?

A. “Benny and I, he’s one of the people right from the get-go that helped me out, and so did Freddy [Taylor], Sammy [Morris], [Kevin Faulk] -- everyone’s helped out. The whole running back room, I think, is a very close-knit group."