Brady on pointing: I don't remember that

Tom Brady's on-field demeanor is suddenly a hot topic now that Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and others have accused him of taunting the Jets by pointing at their sideline after throwing a touchdown. But on Wednesday, Brady said he didn't think the Jets' take on it was completely accurate.

"I don't think I've ever pointed at anybody," he said. "That's really not my style. I think there's definitely an emotional aspect to the game, sure. I'm excited. Certainly when we score touchdowns. They're a very good defense and I'm excited when we can score against a very good defense."

He added that he never intended to show disrespect. "I hope not. That's not my intent. I don't remember pointing. I'm sure there's 50,000 cameras on the game. If I was doing that, they would show that. But I have a lot of respect for those players."