Young: Put Sanchez in position to succeed

In the video above, Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young talks about how the Jets handle Mark Sanchez on Sunday.

“It’s feast or famine recently with him,” Young says. “Do [the Jets] hold him back and try to run the football and stay close and try to make some plays ion the fourth quarter, which they did a few weeks on the road in mid-season? Or do they go out like against the Patriots last time, start with the no-huddle and let him try to win the game? I don’t think that worked very well.

“What I thought was nice last week if you watched the Ravens game with Joe Flacco, what they did with him was they were careful, yet they let him expand the inside-the-numbers [passing game], throw to tight ends, play action -- nice, safe, but crisp passes that loosened up the defense. That’s what the Jets have to do.

“Sanchez has to be able to do that. The Jets cannot just go in there and run the football against the Patriots, shorten the game and win that game -- it’s not going to work. Mark Sanchez is going to have to do significant things to beat the Patriots. But they can’t put him out front, I don’t think that’s the way to beat them. They still have to run the football, but he’s gotta make those passes between the numbers early and often in the first half.”

For more on Sanchez, check out this story by ESPNNewYork.com’s Jane McManus, who wonders whether Sanchez can bounce back from his last game in Foxborough, in which he threw three interceptions and had a 27.8 passer rating in the 45-3 drubbing.