Kraft on Brady & Pats' future

DALLAS – Patriots owner Robert Kraft answered questions from reporters here at the Super Bowl, and there was a mix of NFL labor and Patriots-specific topics. The first Patriots-based question was what he heard as a follow-up from Tom Brady's surgery on his right foot.

“We spent a little time before he left. He has such a great attitude," Kraft responded. "The only good part about us losing that game to the Jets is that he could get that done right away and have a longer time to heal. One of the things he shared with me is that as he’s grown older, he has an opportunity understand how studying tape and what you look for, just the experience of his playing time and relating that to study – he’s become more and more a student of the game.

"When you think about it, right now, I believe we have 13 players from our last Super Bowl team in ’04. I think that puts us third in the league for veteran players. But last year, we had half of our play time from first- and second-year players. And 40 percent of our roster are first- and second-year players. We’re privileged this year to have five of the first 75 picks, which has not happened in 20 years. If you take ’09, ’10 and this coming year, we’ll have had 12 picks in the first and second round, so if we choose wisely this year, we have a chance to really build a balanced team that could allow us to have some fun for a number of years in the future.”