Kraft: Super Bowl in New England?

DALLAS -- On Thursday night, Patriots owner Robert Kraft arrived in North Texas for Super Bowl festivities, where one of the big stories has been snowy, frigid conditions.

Shortly after landing, Kraft relayed a conversation he had with his wife, Myra.

"She said to me 'It's snowing, we should have a [Super Bowl] in New England.' I supported New York [in 2014], and I did for a lot of reasons, but I'm thinking about it and maybe we should have a Super Bowl in New England, maybe we should get on the list," he said.

"We have a lot of great things in Boston, Providence, New England. We have the hotel rooms. We have everything. I love games that are played in the elements. I think our snow game against Oakland was one of the greatest games ever played.

"Think about it, here we have the situation with the weather [in Texas] and 5,000 members of the media show up. We're going to have record attendance. The weather will help create record TV ratings. You have two small-market teams, so maybe we should consider a Super Bowl in Boston, I don't know."

It was pointed out to Kraft that this year's Super Bowl will still be played indoors, while the New York Super Bowl in 2014 will be outdoors, as would a potential New England Super Bowl.

"I'm actually a big supporter of it. I actually hope we're in the game," he responded of an outdoors Super Bowl in potentially frigid, snowy conditions. "We like playing games outdoors. You know what? I think it will help to make the game. You look at the kind of support and ratings we get for outdoor games, and the real fans, we have them up in the third deck, they come. I think having the elements be part of the game is pretty special."