Pats fans, do you want 18 games?

DALLAS -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said today at his annual Super Bowl "state of the NFL" address that the league believes fans want an 18-game regular season.

Do you?

The potential 18-game season could result in more cold-weather games, especially given some of the discussions that have taken place behind the scenes about how the season would be structured.

"I think if we were to do it, I think the first game would remain when it is," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said. "The season would probably extend so we'd have more opportunities in these kind of elements."

The 2010 regular season, for example, started on Sept. 9. So in a potential 18-game regular season, the Super Bowl would be played in mid-February.

For those who follow the Patriots and the NFL in this space, the question is asked: Is that a good thing?