Bruschi on Mankins getting tag

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi, on "NFL Live", touched on the Patriots' decision to place the franchise tag on Logan Mankins today (video above). Viewing things through the lens of Patriots management, Bruschi said it was a sound decision.

"I don't think anyone can complain about $10 million, which is what Logan Mankins will get with this franchise tag. But he isn't happy, because last year he was under that restricted tender, and he held out [through the first seven games]. He was hoping for a long-term deal. Will that get done? Maybe.

"This is what you should do, and this is how the Patriots operate when you're talking about their best players. They franchise them and make sure they don't go anywhere. This is the way you do business in the NFL, because Logan Mankins is one of the best guards, one of the best interior linemen in the National Football League. You have to keep him around, and if he exits, you make sure you get something for that. That's what the franchise tag ensures."