Belichick was curious about Colts ending

One of the most exciting plays of the Patriots' 2010 regular season came when safety James Sanders intercepted Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to seal a 31-28 victory on Nov. 21.

Sanders was credited by Belichick for making a great play, but there was something else about the play that piqued Belichick's interest. He wanted to know if Manning's arm was hit by rookie outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham.

So Belichick sought out the information ... at the Pro Bowl.

That was one of my favorite parts of watching "Patriots All-Access", which featured behind-the-scenes footage of Belichick wearing a microphone at the Pro Bowl. At one point, Belichick stood side-by-side with Colts receiver Reggie Wayne and played the role of reporter in search of information.

"On that play at the end of our game, did his arm get hit, or did we make it?" Belichick asks.

It was unclear what Wayne's answer was to the question.

One other part of the show that drew a chuckle was when Belichick was talking before the game to someone with Navy ties.

"It's not a bad consolation prize, it's been good. Everybody here has been great. It's a tough way when you go 14-2 to end up -- one tough game and you lose to the Jets, of all teams. It's like losing to Army, you know?"