Pittsburgh's Baldwin a top WR option

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the more popular talking points among fans through the first month of the offseason has been the prospect of the Patriots trading for Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. While that may not happen, the next best thing may be available in April's draft.

Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin may have played at the sames school as Fitzgerald, but his connection to the five-time Pro Bowler extends beyond that. Baldwin considers Fitzgerald to be his role model.

"Growing up, I watched Larry Fitzgerald when he was at Pitt and then [when] he went on to the NFL," Baldwin said. "I was at Pitt, so we had [the] film [of him] when he was there, so I watched that and tried to add some of that to my game."

On the field, the 6-foot-5 Baldwin also sees many similarities between his playing style and that of Fitzgerald.

"I've taken some of the things he has in his game and incorporated them into my game," Baldwin said. "How you attack the football. Great catching ability. I have those traits. Jumping ability, speed. I have all those things."

"Some people think [if] you're tall, you're stiff. [But] I'm athletic," Baldwin continued. "I have long strides, so when you watch me on film it may not look like I'm moving as fast, but if you count steps and yardage you can tell how fast I'm actually moving."

In the offseason, Baldwin said he will train with "some of the greats," including Fitzgerald, Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.