Kraft and his role in NFL labor issue

Senior ESPN.com writer Lester Munson puts together an easy-to-read primer on the NFL's labor situation. Using Munson's piece as a springboard, it is notable that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is taking part in some of the ongoing mediated sessions.

Kraft is one of 10 owners on the Management Council Executive Committee. He had touched on the labor issue at the Super Bowl.

"We have the greatest product going now. The American public and sponsors want this product," Kraft said at the time. "If we don't conclude a labor deal before March 4, that will be criminal."

Kraft added, "We could do this deal next week, in my opinion."

In addition to his role on the Management Council Executive Committee, Kraft serves on the following NFL committees: Finance Committee, Compensation Committee, Broadcasting Committee (chairman) and NFL Network Committee.